Our Name

(p)-synergy (n. sin-er-jee)

the interaction or cooperation of individual elements to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their individual parts. 


cooperative interaction, combined effort, give and take.                                  - www.dictionary.com

Our Logo or Icon(e)

The pinecone involves centeredness.


The ‘Pine’al Gland is named after the pinecone because of its pinecone shape. The size of a raisin, the pineal gland is located between the eyes at the geometric center of the brain and is also intimately linked to our body’s perception of light.

The Pinecone’s spines align in a perfect geometric sequence that can spiral in either direction, just like growth and change, a process in which we often

spiral back and forth between:

layers of defenses, knowing, ego, time,
our current lives

spiral back and forth between:

inner awareness (intuitive and tangible)
outer consciousness (solid matter, manifested)

Need we say more about this very fine little fruit, filled with seeds?
Need we mention that there are, yes, female and male Pinecones?

Two final thoughts about the Pinecone:

The swirl of the pinecone's scales embody the Golden Ratio, related to the Fibonacci Sequence which taught us that digits can go on into infinity , creating infinite possibilities in seemingly finite spaces!  
Throughout the span of recorded history, the pinecone is a symbol of enlightenment--the merging and alignment of our energies to bring pure joy, pure knowledge, pure love.