The Scoop

What our clients say:

"You are my Trusted Healer.  You gave me windows that I still polish, open, and dive through to live (try to!) with contentment and risk in balance."

"I went to Dr. Boswell because I was experiencing postpartum depression.  I also had anxiety from a very traumatic work environment. She helped me through those difficult times and helped me connect my emotional responses to how I reacted to stress as a child."

"Victoria Jones is the most amazing and knowledgable and compassionate therapist I have ever worked with, and I have tried many. I was about to give up before I found her...she has changed my life."

"I would go in to see Dr. Boswell with headaches from a chronic pain condition, and by the end of the session the color would return to my face and I would feel lighter."

"Before therapy, sometimes my highest achievement was simply not to drown in the momentum of any precarious moment. After seeing Victoria, I surf the big waves!"

"A lot of therapists just encourage the talk part of therapy, and although Dr. Boswell is easy to talk to, she offers real, practical solutions and applications. She is wonderful."

"I have chronic pain and have been to dozens of specialists with minimal results or improvement. Dr. Boswell is FULL of good ideas...the big thing is that she has restored my hope of getting better and resuming a daily routine."