Part of Psynergy’s strength is our team of therapists. We exchange resources, share areas of expertise, and provide each other the clinical, emotional, and administrative support to help us better help you.

What I’ve learned on the other side of the couch is at least as important as my credentials.
— all good therapists everywhere

Supporting Psychotherapists

Rachel Duvvuri, MA, LPC

Rachel Duvvuri, MA, LPC

I’m so glad you’re considering counseling.  It means that, at a deep level, you know you deserve better and are capable of more.  You may be troubled by persistent negative thoughts and feelings, dissatisfied with certain important relationships, or frustrated that the choices you’ve made are no longer working for you.

Either way, I applaud you for taking this step.  Through psychotherapy, we will explore one of the most important subjects in your life – yourself.  And we will journey together towards a future that reflects your deepest values and goals.

As a licensed psychotherapist for many years, I have trained in and practiced a variety of interventions: psychodynamic relational work, gestalt therapy, cognitive-behavioral tools, EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), and more.  In addition, through advanced training and years of experience, I have developed particular expertise in treating trauma and in counseling both adults and adolescents.  Above all, I have cultivated tremendous empathy for my clients, committing to understand and stand by them through all their struggles.

I invite you to come in and pursue a path to a richer and more satisfying life.  It would be my privilege to explore and walk down that path with you.

Susan Battle, LCSW

Susan Battle, LCSW

Have you felt sad, angry, hopeless or out of control? Do you find yourself exhausted and wondering how to change? Working through your pain in a safe environment will help, and you can recover.

I specialize in treating trauma and the co-occurring addictions which survivors often use to self-medicate; flashbacks, nightmares and emotional pain. I was trained in EMDR in 2009 and have seen many awe-inspiring resolutions of trauma, and also offer psychoeducation about childhood attachment styles and how they influence your adult relationships.

My psychotherapy work is always trauma-informed; I am very client-focused and am honored to work as a partner with you on your journey toward recovery. You deserve to live your best life, free from the symptoms of trauma including all forms of addiction and toxic relationships.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Texas. I am EMDR trained therapist (2009). I hold a Master of Social Work degree and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Houston. I have worked in behavioral health hospitals, outpatient clinics, residential substance abuse treatment facilities (and she has extensive personal and professional knowledge of the recovery process). 

For Fun: I like to spend time with friends and family, work on my recovery, cooking, reading, and walking my dogs.

Susan Redding, LPC-I

Susan Redding, LPC-I

Blanca Garza, LPC-I

Blanca Garza, LPC-I

I am a Master’s level clinician who works with adults and adolescents in individual, couple, and group settings. My passion is to serve others, and I strongly believe in the therapy process. Built upon the foundation of a caring and trusting relationship, therapy provides the insight, perspective, and self-awareness that leads to lasting change. I hope to collaborate with you through creative avenues to find the best path to your personal growth. As an attuned and empathic listener, I will not only assist you in navigating life’s struggles, but collaborate in solutions that will continue to support your long-term growth. I have come to trust in every individual's capacity to heal and find meaning- as we are inherently resilient beings!  

Change can be challenging, even scary.  However, the therapist-client dynamic provides a uniquely special relationship that is both similar and very different from interaction with family and friends. In the words of Carl Rogers, “when the therapist does understand how it truly feels to be in another person's world, without wanting or trying to analyze or judge it, then . . . the client can truly blossom and grow in that climate.”

I earned my master’s degree in counseling from Houston Baptist University, and I obtained my bachelor’s degree at Texas A&M University. For nearly ten years, I worked in the fashion retail industry instilling self-esteem and empowerment to men and women before embarking upon this new career.  In my free time I enjoy spending time with family and friends, adventure traveling, and finding new binge-worthy TV shows.

Taking care of ourselves can many times go by the wayside in our busy and often stressful lives. Counseling for most is not an undertaking easily initiated. In our work together, we will create a space where you can tend to and reconnect with yourself, take stock of your life stresses and difficulties, and begin the process of healing and deeper self-awareness. We will work together to create goals specific to your personal needs and take gentle guided steps toward those goals.

I earned my Masters in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in California. During my undergraduate college career, I earned my BA in French, Spanish, and a minor in Italian from the University of Houston. I later earned my MBA from the University of Saint Thomas.

First Career:  For the past 25 years, I have worked in finance and have managed investor accounts.

For Fun:  I have always been passionate about my personal development and growth which I have made an integral part of my life. I find the arts, and travel to be enriching pastimes.

Founding Therapists

Dr. Catherine Boswell, Psychologist    Psynergy Partner

Dr. Catherine Boswell, Psychologist

Psynergy Partner

Over the past 15 years, I have worked in medical settings and in private practice with individuals, groups, couples, and families.  I have advanced training in Ericksonian clinical hypnosis as well as EMDR.  

I have continued extensive trauma training, beginning with a fellowship at the Houston-Galveston Trauma Institute. I have taught courses to Master’s level students at the University of Houston, and am an author, speaker, and coach. 

I am committed to the growth and transformation of my clients and am inspired by the courage adults, children, couples, and families bring to this work of reclaiming their lives.  

First Career: For 20+ years I have been an artisan metal-worker and visual artist.   

For Fun: I love and enjoy my family and dogs, and the great outdoors - especially wilderness backpacking and camping.  

Victoria Jones, MEd, MA, LPC-S    Psynergy Partner

Victoria Jones, MEd, MA, LPC-S

Psynergy Partner

I am intrigued by the full spectrum of life challenges.  On the one hand, we struggle with manageable, though sometimes erosive daily issues, and on the other hand, we work to survive intensive trauma.  A guiding force in all the work?  Good and True Ideas: they are relentless, they domino and, thankfully, cannot be quieted. 

My past work with physicians in a medical clinic helped me better understand the intricate connection between healing the mind and the body.  I am trained in EMDR and Somatic Integration, and pull from eclectic approaches including:  psychodynamic relational work; cognitive-behavioral tools; Freud's defenses; and Jung's archetypes, to name a few.

I lead groups and workshops, write articles, and present on a range of topics, locally, and sometimes far flung.  I continue to learn from amazing thinkers everywhere, including my clients.  

First Career: I founded and directed Writers In The Schools after receiving a master's degree in Creative Writing and Literature from the University of Houston. 

For Fun: I enjoy time with my grown children; writing fiction and poetry; theater; singing, dancing.