Good Therapy Improves Intimacy

Like our animal friends, we humans feel calmer and safer with our people--our pack, our herd--because we are regulated by each other, specifically through accurate reflection or mirroring via receptor cells in our brains.  Emotional dysregulation and inaccurate reflection create chaos in our homes, in our relationships, in our psyches, in the workplace. 

In Good Therapy, you

  1. Discover (often unconscious) rules that govern your understanding of how relationships work
  2. Revise these relational rules by calming fears, managing reactivity, and by cause-and-effect reality checks
  3. Are coached to practice (and practice!) these new capacities in current relationships.

Good Therapy Builds Inner Control to Manage Anxiety

Without knowing it, most of us get hyper- and hypo-aroused throughout our days and weeks. The lucky among us have less erratic patterns of arousal. The rest of us are managing a roller coaster, or have shut the whole thing down (sometimes with the help of alcohol, weed, food...). And we lose a lot more than our emotions when we do this. 

Good Therapy will help you

  1. Build the capacity to stay within the window of tolerance where you can bounce with life’s surprises
  2. Keep your reasoning brain on line, often when you need it most, by creating new neural pathways

Good Therapy Requires a Good Therapist

Psynergy Therapists have studied, and continue to study and train to:

  • Guide your focus
  • Provide insights and recognize repetitive patterns
  • Identify defenses and help you develop more adaptive ones
  • Provide the necessary safety, predictability, and attunement

Good therapists:

  1. Will PACE THE WORK. Critically important because it provides you with compassionately honest feedback when you have the receptivity and tools to hear it.
  2. Know that the Mind-Body Connection is not a connection. The mind and the body are an interactive whole, constantly exchanging information in a choreographed dance of checks, balances, tips, and triggers--pleasurable and painful.